Behind the Book: Blasphemer Prequels

I had originally planned to write two separate books. The first is with Adele telling the stories of Maxwell’s past and her many past lives. He's getting there in time to see her die or her never finding him. I wanted to tell the stories of his many battles and all that he went through … Continue reading Behind the Book: Blasphemer Prequels

Behind the Book: Ascending Decent

The last book was the rounding out of the series. As the world begins in Maxwell Demon it shall end, almost literally, in the last book. I knew early on how the series would end but wasn’t sure how I was going to write it. It’s heavily influenced by Revelations, but with my own twist … Continue reading Behind the Book: Ascending Decent

Behind the Book: Ghosts

Ghosts is titled that way because of the phrase ‘ghosts from the past can haunt us’. This is true in real life and especially for the character Dante. The world of The Blasphemer Series grows even more in this book, and you see how it’s been influencing Dante. You see ptsd in a vivid way, … Continue reading Behind the Book: Ghosts

Behind the Book: Harvest

I wanted to live up to the newfound success as a writer, especially one being a series writer. The Blasphemer Series was almost finished with Maxwell Demon. I knew I had more stories in me, I had already been working on them along with poems that had funny enough begun getting started up again in … Continue reading Behind the Book: Harvest

Behind the Book: Maxwell Demon

Writing Maxwell Demon was a culmination of a lifetime of polishing my skills in writing up to the point of publishing. I’ve talked about how I had written for years prior. I began developing characters for the series before I knew I’d be using them in it. For sharp eyes, they have noticed old accounts … Continue reading Behind the Book: Maxwell Demon

Worlds Connected: The Gaze of Destruction & The Blasphemer Series

Originally published in a collection of short stories called As The World Will Burn, released July 19, 2016, I introduced the world to something very special. It was a foreshadowing for The Blasphemer Series. It gave readers their first glance at the series and where it was heading while leaving it as a stand-alone story. … Continue reading Worlds Connected: The Gaze of Destruction & The Blasphemer Series

Worlds Connected: Human Ouija & The Blasphemer Series

Human Ouija published as a single short story on October 6, 2017. It garnered an award for 'Best Horror Story of 2017'. The importance of this sixty page short story tells the story of a man that becomes possessed because he's chasing after the chance to speak to his spouse who died while on the … Continue reading Worlds Connected: Human Ouija & The Blasphemer Series