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The Memoir Project Canceled

For those that have been following me on social media for some time you may have noticed me talking about a memoir I’ve struggled to write for years. This memoir is one that has been difficult for many reasons, the biggest reason being that it deals with some very personal things from my childhood. This is a story I feel is important to tell, it’s one I want to tell, but sadly it is one that will currently to be canceled on my projects list.

I’ve been open about the childhood trauma and abuse I have survived. From living with a narcissist parent to my journey coping with a very abusive sibling, these are difficult topics for me to tackle. I work everyday on self-care to help me cope with the things I’ve endured, but I’ve realized, though the story is very important for raising awareness, it is one I cannot bring myself to continue at this point in time.

These struggles and my survival stories are hard to understand, at times, for those I have told them to. As a writer, I have often found that I cannot find the right words to express my life or my emotions while truly believing that all that I have endured have given me strength through surviving and passing on the wisdom I have gained through my traumas.

I shared some of my stories here under ‘story-time’ articles, but those, I have come to realize, only highlighted my personal beliefs of my life and family through a ‘nicer’ filter. Though my life had what felt like brief moments of general ‘goodness’, those are the moments I would like to hold closest to me. The good times got me through a lot of the darkness, which seemed around every corner I turned growing up and even into my adult life.

I also believe this memoir or set of memoirs would upset some of my family upon publication. I may live a more open lifestyle and life many of my family prefers privacy and out of respect to those that would want this I will grant it to them, for the time being.

One day the story/stories will be released for readers, but now is not the time to do it. I apologize. The closest readers will get to see into my life is through my dark poetry. Two collections are currently out, but plans of a third is in the works.

2020 Book Review: Memories of John Lennon by Yoko Ono

At this point in the self-imposed challenge for the year, I’m just about done with less than a handful of reviews left to do. I have had many comments on my website of people enjoying the books I’ve read and my thoughts on them. I have wondered if I should do another challenge or make reviewing books part of the website permanently.

This time last year I had already figured out what content I would do throughout the year and the list was getting finished up for the challenge of all the books I would review, 53 in total. It’s hard to believe I’ve read so many books, how difficult it was to narrow down the pages to only 53 novels, short stories, essays, or other materials for this event on my website. This ‘special review’ comes a day after my thirty-fifth birthday. I wanted to stray and do something a little special.

Over the year I’ve seen an increase of reviewers shifting what they’re covering, from modern fresh releases to anything they have read and that makes me happy. I have changed up my list a bit and stray from the list I originally made for this review. I wanted to make a special edition review, you could call it. I purchased this book earlier this year as a Beatles fan and a John Lennon fan. I have only pulled it from the plastic I bought it in long enough to read it and then put it back into its protection. I got it at a local shop I favor and bought it that way, so that’s how I like to keep it.

I read this fully aware of the tragic events that have taken place, his passing, and all of that and went into the book hoping to hear her side of things. It’s a beautiful testament of her love for him. It covers their life together, parenting to being lovers, and I enjoyed it. I have many thoughts about this work that I don’t find particular important enough to share, mindless wonderings and so on, but what I think is Lennon fans should read this.

I can’t imagine the suffering she has gone through all these years without him. My heart goes out to her as someone who has and currently knows love in my life. I couldn’t imagine a world without my love at my side. This was a book that had me reflecting on the thought of what would I have done? Would I as a writer write a memoir of love and loss? I don’t know at this moment, but I know she has to be a strong woman to go through all she has and brave for being a bold and proud artist without hesitation in her own right.

This review is a part of my 2020 yearlong self-challenge to read and review. I have reread some books for the purpose of reviewing them on my website whereas I have read others for the first time. Check out Book Reviews and Recommendations to find other book reviews, book recommendations, and more information about the books I’m reading, have read, or are sharing.

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts? Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Let’s have a conversation about it.

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