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A Blasphemers Update: Ghosts

I took a couple weeks away from the website and newsletter to re-focus on an extensive project, The Blasphemer Series. Book three, Ghosts, is continuing to be written. I am sure, to the delight of my publisher, is almost done to be sent to them. I want this book to be very good for readers that may pick it up. I am reworking scenes and doing more heavy self-editing of the manuscript.

This series is one that is a combination of a lot of years of hard-work, but though a lot of work has gone into the development, the writing part is still taking place. I am not sure if other authors do this with their work, but I had to re-evaluate my approach for the series during the writing process of this book. What worked for books one and two was causing me complications. Whatever minimal planning I scribbled down or purging method I pushed in hasn’t helped me this time.

I have re-arranged, removed, or even put to the side for consistency of some scenes. I have discovered that this process has already become fruitful as the fourth book, Descend, is getting worked on here and there. Things feel smoother and I’m working through these things. Though I’m writing a story, I would read I ultimately hope a reader will enjoy it when it is published.

I haven’t given an update on this book for some time and decided it was time to do so. I don’t want to reveal too much as the ‘mythos’ series was giving sneak-peaks in its posts.

Taking A Break – More Coming

I have roughly 20 interviews and author advice posts I will work on and getting up on the website. I will also take a break mid-December into the first part of 2021 to catch up on deadlines for publishers and other things. I also have some personal things I’ll be handling that need my focus. I also need to handle some self-care projects to help myself. Don’t worry, I’ll be back, eventually.

I will have the rest of the review challenge for this year scheduled and posts to finish out the tail end of this year-long event. I’ll be also working and planning out things for 2021 and the future of the website.

Melankholia, All of My Every Things, and Harvest Updates & Reveals

Last weekend the digital version of Melankholia released, but as planned the paperback edition released on October 5th, how exciting. Along with this wonderful news, I made a small announcement. The announcement was about All of My Every Things will have a second edition run with additional poetry and the long awaited paperback edition, but before the second edition will release and the website posts about that let’s take time to appreciate that a second poetry book has been released.


This book is now live in digital and in paperback formats. It is the first book of poetry that I’ve branded with the Edkar logo. To learn more about Edkar read Edkar Press where I explain more about this organization method I’m using, i.e. publishing house. I have previously mentioned Melankholia on the website read What is Melankholia?

Melankholia has some selected poetry from All of My Every Things included near the end, as well as poetry written from this year’s Napowrimo back in April 2020, and a lot of recent works I’ve polished up for publication. All of this beautiful hard work is introduced by Oliver Sheppard. An amazing poet in his own right and I recommend checking out his work. My favorite is Thirteen Nocturnes.

All of My Every Things

All of My Every Things was previously published last year. It was a simple digital release with plans of a paperback release to follow, but never sitting well with me, I quietly postponed it, but finally with some polishing and adding additional poetry the paperback is coming. I have gone in and updated the book.


Harvest is coming out as a re-release November 24th, 2020 with the publisher Three Furies Press. This is just a reminder that it will mark the continuation of The Blasphemer Series with the book following Ghosts, coming out 2021 around August if everything stays on course.

The Unwritten Stories

Over the years, I announced different projects. Works in progress that never seemed to come out. Things that readers requested either by pm or by email. Sometimes these requests would come in the form of questions that gave me inspiration such as Whatever happened to Eshu or Will we ever get information about the other past lives of Lilith? Some questions were answered if you knew where to look, for example Eshu from The Blasphemer Series appeared in Chasing Shadows by Kindra Sowder. He also misbehaved from what I was told.

Stories were announced and were written on, but never made it to publication. Sometimes this happens in the writing industry. Now, with that said, I fully planned on publishing many stories. If I hadn’t planned on it, I wouldn’t on some level mentioned or announced them. The Lives of Lilith and more on Maxwell were both written, but I had never finished them. Maxwell’s book was written with Lilith/Adele telling the stories to their youngest family members, so they would learn along with the readers. Martel, the prequel work of The Painting of Martel also got worked on, but I put a pause in it to work on more pressing matters.

I even worked on a more children friendly work, but it never came to light. My feelings on it were that it wasn’t feeling finished when I wrote all the stories for it, so feeling it incomplete I didn’t want to move forward on that project.

The Mephistopheles Chronicles a co-authorship project between me and Kindra Sowder was put on pause as both of us got busy with work projects. It’s a crossover of The Blasphemer Series and her Van Helsing characters. This project is paused, but not permanently as I’m aware, so it remains a work-in-progress between the two of us.

Many stories, upon their writing being finished, felt better in a short story format and were and are being polished to be in a series of releases, by whom I’m not fully sure, now of writing this. I can say, with full confidence, some of them are being cleaned and polished to be included in Little Lunacies. I will cover this fully in an official announcement.

This post was inspired when I began digging through older files. I then realized all of my ‘back-burner stories’ reminded me of a story I read: Fiction by Ryan Lieske. The tagline of that book is ‘Sometimes, a character is so strong, it refuses to be buried’. I highly recommend every reader check this out. All I kept thinking about was all the stories that were not finished, characters that had personalities and lives and how they were ‘living’ without being given life.

With this update I will say, in some fashion or form all that I have worked on will eventually make its way to all of you. I will make an announcement when something from The Unwritten Stories log comes to life, perhaps even a book dedicated just to the unfinished but becoming finished. The sky is open right now for me; I have no limits on my creativity, and I will take advantage of this new spark fully.

The Blasphemer Series: Harvest Update

Originally, The Blasphemer Series was a straight indie published work, but it was announced late last year that this series had been picked up by Burning Willow Press, along with Human Ouija. This year, in January, the release of the first book Maxwell Demon occurred with fresh edits and a fresh cover.

It was thought, then that the series would release a book a year, so Harvest, the second book, wouldn’t be going out until January of next year, 2019, but as of this morning with a shift in the schedule, it will be releasing this year, in the second half of it. This comes as a happy surprise. As I gain more details they will be released so that you can stay up-to-date on all things happening.



Been Tinkering Again

I know in the Facebook Fanclub that I announced I would be using Blogger, but upon discovering some things, mainly my inability to get it to do things I thought it could, but it doesn’t, I decided to change it again. I know, it’s annoying, but it only affects the website.

I’m always trying my best to make things streamline and easiest for you the readers of my rambles to get around easy, access information quicker, and basically optimize. I changed things around on the website a bit as well. You can now see a new tab ‘Sneak Peek’, this is the new home for a page that more fully explains the newsletter. Where it is now was something very very important, the ‘contact’ page has been moved to live underneath the ‘Bio’ tab in a drop-down menu.

The Dreary Darlings

“From the darkness, the light shall shine” – This is something that I’ve come to believe as a great fuel for my creativity. Many characters in my stories came from something I was working out and I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to find an avenue that was creative to express these emotions. I’ve spoken about publically how I began writing as a child to create something I could control since my childhood was filled with things I couldn’t control. I’ve also publically spoken about having a ‘rough childhood’, but the depths of this has never been shared in the public eye. My childhood as led me dealing with many anxiety issues that I luckily have control of now amongst other health-related issues.

I’m not blogging this to speak about my childhood traumas, but to speak about the other side of the darkness, that creative side I firmly believe saved me from a worse mental fate. Dreary Darlings are a recent creation of a more recent depressive state I went through. I began doodling in my silence not sure of what would really come of it other than idle entertainment and to shoo away those saddened thoughts and doubts. One by one I saw characters coming out in my drawings, my sketches began to show a pattern. First Peter Plague Doctor came out, then his cloaked bloated little body began to appear again and again. Eugenia, Nan, and others came out. It wasn’t until I looked back over my sketches that I realized I had filled page after page with these eyeless little alien-like creatures.

It’s hard for an artist to find their ‘style’. Through this came to life a style I’d not done before. I had done quick sketches in the past, shared with friends and others, rough sketches and polling for opinions, and these ‘darlings’ have that feel. I don’t know if this style of work is going to continue or just a stepping stone along the way, but it’s a very comfortable style for me. I think fast and it’s obvious in my work with the multiple lines and the rough curves.

I hope you all can see something in them the way I did after they appeared and spoke to me.