A Blasphemers Update: Ghosts

I took a couple weeks away from the website and newsletter to re-focus on an extensive project, The Blasphemer Series. Book three, Ghosts, is continuing to be written. I am sure, to the delight of my publisher, is almost done to be sent to them. I want this book to be very good for readers that may pick it up. I am reworking scenes and doing more heavy self-editing of the manuscript.

This series is one that is a combination of a lot of years of hard-work, but though a lot of work has gone into the development, the writing part is still taking place. I am not sure if other authors do this with their work, but I had to re-evaluate my approach for the series during the writing process of this book. What worked for books one and two was causing me complications. Whatever minimal planning I scribbled down or purging method I pushed in hasn’t helped me this time.

I have re-arranged, removed, or even put to the side for consistency of some scenes. I have discovered that this process has already become fruitful as the fourth book, Descend, is getting worked on here and there. Things feel smoother and I’m working through these things. Though I’m writing a story, I would read I ultimately hope a reader will enjoy it when it is published.

I haven’t given an update on this book for some time and decided it was time to do so. I don’t want to reveal too much as the ‘mythos’ series was giving sneak-peaks in its posts.