The Official​​
L. Bachman

This graphics design company is solely operated and owned by Lynn Lesher working under her name L. Bachman. Started in December 2014 as a means for a creative outlet it quickly developed into a fully operational freelance company for graphic design and marketing materials in the independent publishing industry. 

2017 Developments
for cover work on Brian G Murray's book Forgotten Hero.
for cover work done on Brian G Murray's book Forgotten Hero.

Clients of Bachman Design include, but not limited to
Burning Willow Press, LLC
TJ Weeks
Lindy Spencer/Mae Mae Spencer
Rae Ford
Brian G. Murray
Kerry Alan Denney 
SL Perrine
Ana Torres
Kindra Sowder
Edd Sowder
Michael C. Schutz
Charles Lee Mullenix
Daniel Kelley
ECMN Magazine
C. R. Garmen
and many more!

​Bachman Designs understands that not everyone can afford the high-cost of industry prices and has always promoted being budget-friendly.

Currently only taking payment via Paypal.

*Note all of the cover work that is displayed on this digital portfolio. The amount I've truly done is simply too tremendous. Featured are some of the more unique or display a range of her talent and skills.