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A Mini-Event: On Facebook

This is a ‘mini event’ going on my Facebook page. The goal is to hit 1,000 likes. That’s it. What’s even easier is before it began I was already at over 600 likes. I’m over 720 likes, as of the posting of this, so…

Book to Check Out: Preying Moon by Steve McGovern

Mere myths cannot compare to the terror of reality.  Nicholas Penn’s car breaking down in Mesa, Arizona seemed like unique, intriguing opportunity for adventure. Deciding to take a year’s sabbatical away from the weight of college pressure, he takes a well-paying job on a local assembly…

Books for Troops

There’s a beautiful and amazing things that’s been buzzing about the Indie Community and authors in general. It’s called Books for Troops and it’s organized by a fantastic author named Armand Rosamilia. Basically, authors donate their work to be shipped to military overseas serving…

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